Neapolitan Pizza Workshop

1-day workshop | 1st Saturday of the month | Explore the making of the iconic Neapolitan pizza—the food of the people! | Max 6 people


Other Workshops by The Village Baker


    >> see workshop  2-day workshop | 3rd Saturday & Sunday of the month | Learn how to bake using wild yeast starters, natural leaven and pre-ferments | R1700.00 per person | Max 6 people
    >> see workshop  1-day workshop | 2nd Saturday of the month | The preservers art made accessible and enticing to everyone! | R1500.00 per person | Max 6 people
About The Village Baker

>> see listing  The Village Baker, John Williams, offers intimate artisan baking and bread making workshops in Greyton. Workshops are held at The Shed, a studio bakery, found on Park Street tucked under an enormous oak tree, where a pair of mythical Hammerkops have made their nest. All of John’s breads are for sale on a Saturday at the Greyton Village Market as well as on a Wednesday at Pure Café.

Additional Information
Neapolitan Pizza Workshop
The Shed, Greyton

From R1,500

The Shed, Greyton
Apr 06, 2024 - Dec 07, 2024

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