Read what Eat Out says about Pecadillos…

It might seem unrealistic to give a 5 star rating all round but really this place is sublime. We spent the weekend in Greyton on one of our family members farm and decided to eat out on the Saturday night. What an absolutely gorgeous place, from the warm welcome, warm as it the pizza oven was blazing as well as the literally outstretched arms as we walked in, to the friendly, comfortable yet superb service we received all evening. The food feels like you’re home but not, it is tasty, well prepared and just works, almost Plat de Jour type fare – we ate beautiful beef roast with veg, I couldn’t of prepared it better myself. The wine list is special, we drank a bottle if Raka Spliced, you don’t find it everywhere so it was special to drink it in the quaint town of Greyton. Never did we feel hassled nor neglected, I felt like I was at a foodie friends house – I mean what more do you want on a freezing cold weekend in Greyton. The dogs lying next to the tables made me feel even more like I wanted to pull up a chair next to the Pizza oven and discuss my dreams of possibly walking myself into my 50’s on the Camino. Well done to the owner because he was there, apron clad all evening, you’ve perfected a special recipe, I hope the tourists and locals lap it up and support you more than you wish for.

Kathy Cassells

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