Greyton Wine Club presents Flagstone Wines

Greyton Wine Club hosts monthly wine tastings – each evening is unique, taking place in a different venue and with a different vintner. You will be taken through a tasting of six of their chosen wines as they talk about the production process and offer tasting notes, usually accompanied by an amusing anecdote or two. It’s a casual affair, and the floor is open to questions and discussion along the way. After the tasting, you’ll be able to order wine for home delivery and also to enjoy with a delicious supper – simple, fresh, homemade fare.

Our next wine club tasting is taking place on Friday, 28 June, and we will be joined by the celebrated Flagstone Wines who are renowned for their handcrafted approach and meticulous dedication to quality. Each bottle represents a journey with no shortcuts, embodying the winery’s philosophy of prioritising winemaking over marketing. This painstaking process has earned Flagstone numerous awards and a loyal following of wine lovers who appreciate the unhurried, authentic taste of their wines.

Flagstone’s commitment extends beyond just the wine itself, focusing on sustainable practices and the well-being of the land and people involved. Their wines are exuberant expressions of fun and joy, reflecting a marriage of nature and human imagination. Sourcing grapes from five core vineyards, Flagstone’s viticultural strategies are tailored to individual varieties and environmental conditions, ensuring each wine is a true reflection of its provenance. The winery’s dedication to the “Integrated Production of Wine” (IPW) and the “Biodiversity in Wine Initiative” (BWI) underscores its commitment to sustainable and honourable winemaking.

It promises to be a jolly good time!

Limited spots available.

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Age Restriction: No under 18s
Refund Policy: No refunds
Greyton Wine Club presents Flagstone Wines

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June 28, 2024

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