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Hiking and walking in Greyton is an absolute must! There are many paths, some of them in the nature reserve, others along the rivers and no least, the historic walk in the village.

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2 Day Genadendal Trail
The trail is a circular route of 25.3 km and takes two days to complete.
It begins and ends in Genadendal at the historic Moravian Mission Church.
A permit is required and can be requested from the Cape Nature reservations office
or call centre on 021 483 0190.
Click here for more information at Cape Nature reservation office
Accommodation has to be booked separately from either:
De Hoek, Holt and Sandy Okes on 023 626 2176
Good Hope Farm, Shirley Jenkinson on 023-626 3965


Greyton to Genadendal Walk (Natuskloof)
This is a beautiful, easy 2½ h walk that is 7 km long.
It starts at either end of the Knietjieshoogte walk, or you can short-cut through Boesmanskloof.
As you reach the saddle between Platkloof and Boesmanskloof continue with the wagon trail down into the top of Boesmanskloof. Look out for the weir which collects the drinking water for that part of the village and cross over the Scholtz river, keep straight on a little trample-path until you reach another wagon trail taking you up and over the next ridge. Now you already see Sewefontein Dam and parts of Genadendal. A gently descending single track through nice Fynbos leads you past Natuskloof and the Sewefontein Dam into Genadendal.

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Gifkloof Trail Approx. 7km / 2h, Altitude: highest point 330m lowest point 210m
On this trail dogs, horse-riding and Mountain-bikes are welcome, motorised traffic is discouraged (permitted only for maintenance and emergencies).
Start and end at the junction of lower Regent Street and Vlei Street. Walk through a gate in the fence and follow the path to a picnic place at the side of the Gobos River. Turn left and then right and rock hop across Gobos bed . On the other side, turn left and follow the zigzag path up a steep hillside. There are excellent views from here over the village and, at the top, panoramic views of the mountains and farmland. The Hottentots-Holland mountains can be seen in the distance, to the west.
The path winds away towards the mountains, with Abdolskop the nearest peak. Shortly, near the top of the hill, there is a path to the right which should be ignored (unless one is already tired) as a steep short-cut linking up with the late part of the walk.
 At a ‘crossroads’ of paths, turn right onto a Jeep track. This is easy walking towards the Riviersonderend Road, with views along the valley. The highest peak, in the distant left, is Skilpadkop – almost 1510m. Very near the road, under some power lines, take the path to the right, passing an old quarry and eventually a small coppice on the left.
Where the path splits, either way will bring you to a point near the road. Continue forward (or to the right, depending on your chosen route) to a shooting range. This shooting range is used on each last Saturday in the month, a red flag should warn you. Please enquire at the GTA Info Office. This is marshland and has good displays of spring flowers. Cross to the west corner, follow the fire-break to the foot of a hill and turn left (winter rains can make this part rather boggy). This path eventually meets up with a Jeep-track marked by a very obvious white stone. Turn right and you will soon reach the Gobos where the walk started.


Platkloof Walk Approx. 3Km / 1h, Altitude: highest point 360m, lowest point 220m
As this trail is in the Greyton Nature Reserve, please respect the rules as displayed at the entrance, thank you: No pets or vehicles allowed!
Start and end at the entrance to the Greyton Nature Reserve at the upper end of Park Road.. Go straight after having passed through the gate of the Reserve, then take the first path to the left. Beyond the little waterfall with the bench you go up the valley. There Fynbos fights the Dodder, a clinging yellow parasite living off green plants. This is an indigenous plant and part of nature, where everything has its place in the food chain. In the end, however, the Dodder dies because there is no food left and the original veld is rejuvenated.
Watch the birds—plenty of Sugarbirds, Weavers and the orange-breasted Sunbird. After about a kilometre the path turns and goes up and meets the little stream which feeds the waterfall below. Before you cross the stream there is a track going right (towards Greyton) it leads to a stone bench overlooking the Platkloof and Greyton.
Return to the path and turn right to cross the water, turn left and shortly right again to walk on more or less level ground on the east lobe of the trail above the valley – this turn off is not always very obvious, but should be marked with a flat stone with green feet painted on. If you miss it, a zigzagging path takes you back to the entrance. Specially on the east lobe of the Platkloof trail the views of Greyton and surroundings are great with Abdolskop and Perdekop in the south-east.
In springtime this is the place to look for orchids: Moederkappie, Spider orchid and others. In March and April the hillside becomes covered in a colourful display of Erica tenuifolia, E.equisetifolia and E. lateralis, interspersed with yellow ‘Geelbos’ (Leucadendron salignum).
Above the Noupoort the path winds down again until you reach the level path leading back to the gate of the Reserve.

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