Greyton Transition wins 3 awards at Eco-Logic Awards

Nicola Vernon and Marshall Rinquest of Greyton Transition Town won 3 well-deserved awards at the Eco-Logic awards.
1. Eco Community
2. Eco Angel – Nicola Vernon, CEO
3. Eco Youth – Marshall Rinquest, Director Enviropaedia

Nicola Vernon: “This award is for the thousand or more children and adults in our community who are embracing change and starting to tread on this earth with a lighter footprint. So to the 350 children in our Eco-Crew programme, the 1200 children who are studying our humane education programme, the vegetable and livestock farmers who are transitioning to more sustainable and compassionate ways of farming, the dozens of people who support our two weekly organic food markets, the estimated 600 people in Greyton who have purchased our longlife bags and thereby helped reduce our monthly plastic bag usage from 50,000 to 10,500, the many who have reduced their meat consumption or given it up all together, the 250 families who tidy up their neighbourhood and bring their waste to our swop shops, the sponsors, supporters and volunteers…”

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