Farm Animal Sanctuary

The Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary is based on a private farm seven kms outside Greyton on the Krige Road. It offers a permanent home for rescued, orphaned, sick, abused or retired farm animals where their every need is met for the rest of their natural lives. Vets attend the farm regularly and every individual is named, known and given all that they need for a full and happy life, including lots of cuddles and love.

The animals, currently numbering eighty pigs, thirty sheep, four goats, two geese, five cats and seven dogs, are ambassadors for the cause of animal rights. The sanctuary gives them a chance to communicate to visitors how special they are, how they want to live and to enjoy their natural behaviours for their natural timespan.

The sanctuary is also a resource for Greyton Transition Town’s Humane Education Programme which aims to reach every child between the ages of five and eighteen years within the area of Greyton and neighbouring communities within the next five years. The sanctuary is owned and run by Nicola Vernon.

Visitors must please book an appointment to come to the farm by contacting Nicola Vernon on 0825587752 or email We ask for a donation to the sanctuary of cash or food for the animals. Our pigs need fresh vegetables, acorns (in season), rabbit pellets, parrot food, sunflower seeds, good quality vegetable oil, sunblock and tummy tickles!

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