Spinlea Farm

Spinlea Farm

We grow flowers organically in our open lands – for events and custom flower picking days. We specialise in old fashioned whimsical flowers and create romantic arrangements and installations for weddings and events in and around Greyton.

We will also host intimate weddings in our organic flower land or Goat Shed Studio and Cottage.

What else?
  • Angora goats for mohair production (and cuddles)
  • DIY Horse livery
  • FARMSTAY Cottage (the Goat Shed Studio and Cottage)
  • artistic and floral workshops
  • custom flower picking events for groups
  • our artisinal farm products (including mohair socks and blankets, olive oil, honey).

OUR VISION and why we do what we do

We believe in the whole. One part depends on another – a holistic balance – homeostasis. 

We believe in using on farm resources to our advantage where we utilize manure from our goats to feed our helichrysum, fruit trees, flowers and crops – we use debris, cuttings and waste from oil production for animal feed and mulch.

Our bees feed from our flowers, fruit trees and surrounding indigenous vegetation, and they help us by pollinating our flower seeds and fruit blossoms.

Our goats are super weeders! They devour weeds, undesirable alien plants(we have to watch they don’t devour our desirable plants!).

Life and farming is cyclical – always changing. We believe in changing for the good, we believe in our people and our team and in growing and nurturing the land, our people to sustainably thrive.  

We learn and grow continually, life is a learning curve.

Enquire about accommodation in The Goat Shed Cottage
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